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Returning Herring

Snow forecasted  for this afternoon.  I wonder where these river herring are right now?  I will project that the first river herring will be seen the second week of March at Gilbert Stuarts birthplace and museum.

Let’s hope for lots of sand eels this season.

Sand Lance


There are two species of sand lance recognized as living on the east coast of North America: an inshore and offshore species.  They have been spawning along their range since November and spawning will continue through March.



A scool of sand lance or sand eels swim by

A scool of sand lance or sand eels are important baitfish for stripers and other game fish

In recent years this has become a significant biomass component on the Atlantic coast of North Atlantic.  Cod, haddock, striped bass and many other important commercial and recreational fish depend on these snakelike fish, commonly referred to as sand eels.  They also help sustain whales and sea birds.


Along the mighty Blackstone River

The Blackstone River – Fueled the Industrial Revolution

It was eye opening to see all the access points that have been established along this beautiful and historic river.

The completed bike path offers an outstanding opportunity to ride alongside the river without the hassles of dealing with traffic.


Fall color and still water

Fall color and still water

When will the river herring return to Bissel Cove this year? This photo was taken during an early morning outing last fall.  This area has a very steady flow of water and it didn’t freeze up very much this past winter. The big question is when will the herring first show up this year?  How [...]

Fishing the Gale

Fishing the Gale

A Point Judith Trawler Braves the Gale Moving off the West Wall the boat and crew face the full furry of the 50 knot winds.  Days like this aren’t any fun in July, forget about February.