Opening Day – RI Trout Season 2012

Trout Fishing Action – Silver Spring Lake, North Kingstown

Silver Spring Lake was packed with eager anglers

The parking lots were full at Silver Spring Lake

The 2012 RI trout season started at the crack of dawn on Saturday, April 14 and this popular North Kingstown fishing hole was loaded with anglers and fish.

The action was fast and furious as the sun started to climb above the trees.  Every stretch of open shoreline was lined with kids and adults eager to catch their limit of trout.

It was estimated that 20,000 anglers would participate in the annual ritual known simply as “Opening Day.”

Silver Spring is stocked with trout from the nearby Lafayette hatchery where over 120,000 pounds of trout are raised each year.

Within minutes of the start of the 2012 season trout were being hauled in right and left.

The quality and size of the fish had everyone smiling.

Boats jockey for position as the shore is lined with anglers, trucks, tents and RVs

Boats jockey for position and the shoreline is crammed with anglers

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a young angler with a fist full of rainbow trout

A fist full of rainbow trout

A true RI Veteran Angler

A true RI Veteran Angler

father and son fishing fun

Father and son fishing fun

Boy examines rainbow trout

A young angler's rainbow is worth a second look

another fine fish for the stringer

Another fine fish for the stringer

Father steadies the net for another trout

Another trout comes to the net

There was no generation “gap” here

Anglers line up to catch trout

Anglers young and old fish side by side

A rainbow trout jumps out of the water

A rainbow gets air

A rainbow jumps next to a small boat with two anglers

We don't need a larger boat — just larger trout

Berkeley Power Bait Proved Highly Effective

Jars of Berkely Power Bait

Chartreuse colored power bait was very effective

I didn’t see one kid texting, or on a cell phone, they were actually in the real world and not engulfed in virtual realty.  We just might be able to reel in the younger generation with what we always though was  great fun. 

A wood fire and boxes of pop tarts

Even pop tarts taste better on a wood fire

 Get out there and fish.  Take a kid with you.  Better yet, take an old fart fishing too!  When’s was the last time you took your Dad fishing!