The “Fish Moon” and River Herring

Herring Return on Full Moon

The Full Moon in April Motivates Herring to Move

The 2012 herring run started early this year; perhaps due to the unseasonably warm temperatures in March.  However, very few herring ran up the river during the last week–I was getting a little nervous.

Did the industrial fleet of pair trawlers get ‘em?


Pair Trawling equals overfishing

Pair trawling equals overfishing


Would this be the worst year yet?

Trawlers on the shoreline

Pair trawling tight to the Rhode Island shoreline

Perhaps the recent cold snap that dropped water temperatures over four degrees had more to do with the reluctance of the alewives to swim up the Narrow River?

Maybe it was the lack of rain and weak tides that conspired to reduce the number of spawning fish?

Just as I was starting to give up hope, a fresh batch of chrome-plated fish made their way up the small fish ladder and eventually into the pond.  It won’t be until June when we get the final fish counter results to know how strong or weak this years run has been.